Climaflex is used for a broad range of Applications including:


Commonly used for Heating applications, Climaflex is low cost, energy efficient and easy to work with even for a DIY user. When looking to achieve maximum efficiency for heat loss applications it is wise to use External link opens in new tab or window25mm Thick Climaflex Pipe Insulation


Ideal for plumbing applications, Climaflex is made from flexible polyethylene foam which can be easily worked around tight corners and in confined spaces where you do not have a lot of room, such as airing cupboards or close to walls inside. External link opens in new tab or window13mm Thick Climaflex Pipe Insulation offers a balance of flexibility, performance and budget.

Frost Protection

One of the most common applications Climaflex is used for is External link opens in new tab or windowFrost Protection. When used at the correct thickness to comply with Water Bylaw 49, you can properly insulate the pipes in unprotected areas of your house such as loft spaces above the loft insulation, or in areas prone to drafts such as under the floors or below windows.

Impact Protection

Climaflex polyethylene is often used not just as a thermal pipe insulation, but also to protect against damage. Due to its split wall, it can be used as effective edge strip protection, and even comes available for External link opens in new tab or windowScaffold Pole Protection Foam; a bright yellow version of the Climaflex 14mm Thick with a 50mm Bore (the hole in the middle).